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Beware of Duct Cleaning Scams

It is easy to accept these $99 air duct cleaning offers, because it sounds like a good deal, right? WRONG!

There has been multiple situations and some customers we have worked alongside, where individuals have been scammed by companies claiming they are professional air duct cleaners. These ‘Professionals” will offer great low prices and deals and arrive at your home with a portable shop-vac they use from vent to vent.

They will set up the ‘equipment’ and even start with the process and stop immediately. One of the cleaners will then approach you with statements: “this is a bigger job that we anticipated for”, “you have additional main trunks’’ or “the ductwork is poorly laid out” and this will result in additional costs.
Your mind is already set on having the ducts cleaned, you might have taken off work for the day, they are already set up all their equipment etc. and so they lure you in to accepting the extra costs and charges.

Scam Alert

It might not stop there- they will return after continuing the process and look to reference something else to commit you to more additional costs. For example- mold in the ducts, different equipment for certain vents etc. And at the end the cost of the cleaning is outrageously expensive, and your ductwork is not even properly or thoroughly cleaned.

Do Your Homework!

Most advertisements are found online, e-mail and on social media platforms, but scammers also make use of these platforms to advertise. Using the following tips will help you avoid the scammer:

  • Check Google and other review sites for feedback on the company.

  • They usually offer whole-house specials for extremely low prices.

  • Check for any watermarks/logos on photos if different from their Logo.

  • Ensure the company is registered and is licensed, bonded, and insured.

How to spot the scammers on Facebook:

  • The individual will not state the phone number or company name.

  • If you show interest, they will ask you to check your private message and send you a link to their “company”.

  • If the following phrases are used in the post: “trust my work not my words’’ or “First 5 comments will get a special discount’’.

  • If the individual recently created his profile.

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Very polite team. Very hard working. Did a great job on our 108 condo units. Thank you AirDuctor!!

Carolyn W.

I appreciated the timely service and accurate estimate. I got a detailed explanation of how the work would be done and was assured it would cause no additional damage to the house. The work was done quickly and to a high standard.

James B.

Wonderful Experience! Couldn’t have been happier! So easy to work with and very professional! I will recommend them to any and everyone!

Lisa J.

Everyone was so friendly from the office staff to the technicians. They scheduled my appointment quickly and the service was efficient and very thorough. I highly recommend them and will use their services again.

Elizabeth P.

Very professional, knowledgeable, and accommodated our needs even being kind enough to work around our pets! Cannot recommend their services more!

Cameron C.

Very professional. Informative. Knowledgeable. Efficient. Definitely recommend them to everyone.

Linda O.

Great service and technicians! Explained everything thoroughly and the quote $ was spot. The before and after photos they provided were great! It really proves the pride they take in their work! You won’t be disappointed!!

Christopher B.

Exceptional and thorough cleaning service. They take the time to do it right at a very reasonable price. These guys take pride in their work and are perfectionists. They took the time to show me the pictures of just how dirty my vents really were. Friendly, professional, and fast all at a great price. You won’t be disappointed.

Scott B.

I was amazed at how efficient and courteous they were. They are the real deal, I say that because we had a company come out to do the same exact thing and was an absolute joke. I highly recommend Air Ductor to get it done right!!! Thank you so much for the awesome job! I will definitely be calling Air Ductor again.

Mary K.

The technicians were incredibly professional. They were clean and very polite! They did a fantastic job at communicating what I could expect from the work. They immediately emailed me with my before and after pictures and the price was incredibly reasonable!

Bryn Alan E.
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